Monday, February 18, 2008

Quick Thoughts

I will be publishing a full race report soon and a report on our "Meth Watch" hotel experience Friday night! I just wanted to get these quick thoughts down for now.

  • It was a perfect day. 40 - 55 degrees and sunny with litte wind

  • The race ended up being 34 miles (measured with my Garmin Forrunner 305)

  • I finished in 6:58 and change

  • I had my best run the last 3 miles after a grinding second lap

  • Chips Ahoy Cookies taste great while running

  • Never stay in a Super 8 hotel

  • I do not like Clif Shot sports drink

  • I am now officially addicted to these races, most fun I have ever had running by far

  • Only once thought "The fun level has reached an all time low!" This quote was made famous by my friend Steve during a backpacking trip

  • Middle age women can kick my butt

I could go on forever with my list here, but I will save the details for the next few posts. Hopefully I will have some time tonight to complete my race report, hotel report, and a "what I ate" entry.

1 comment:

  1. This is Kathy- Justus's wife...I just came upon Justy's blog and I would like to say that I also hate Super 8 motels. I will never stay there ever ever again! Also, why would he think that middle aged women can't kick his butt?!! Sydney and I were very proud of him!