Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nike Flow Sport Headphones - First Impressions

I have been on a quest for the perfect headphones for running. There are so many options on the market and everyone is different. I like to use my IPOD when I run, but the headphones that came with it are garbage when it comes to running. I have tried numerous products with the latest being "gummy" ear buds. These buds were like a set of earplugs with a speaker in them. In the end they quit working after a few months and were not a good fit. Thus I came upon this headphone review. I decided to purchase the Nike Flow Sport Headphones. The headphones are an ear bud with an ear wrap. The headphones ride nicely on your ears and do not fit inside your ears like a traditional ear bud. I ran for an hour last night with them, including some fast striders, and had no issues. They never fell out of my ears or lost the position I placed them in. They feel lose on your ears because they are not secured inside the ear. Here are my pros and cons.


  • Stays in place on your ear
  • Decent sound quality for a sport headphone
  • Nice looking design
  • Does not drown out external noises (good for situational awareness)
  • Price 
  • Weird feeling to not have them secured in ear
  • Price - I paid $30 at a local sporting goods store. I found them on amazon for under #25
  • In the Box - Headphones, Cord wrap coil, Storage pouch
I highly recommend these headphones for runners. The ear clip is not noticeable. They stay in place. One of the biggest issues with picking headphones is finding ones that "work for you". The ear clip makes the risk in them not working for you less.  

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