Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Pain in the Foot

It is strange how pain suddenly creeps up on you. I ran the race on Saturday. My body was sore, especially my legs, but it was all dull microscopic muscle tear pain. All joints and tendons felt 100% by Monday morning. That is the day the foot pain began.

I was at Walmart with Sydney getting some supplies and suddenly I had this sharp shooting pain in my right foot. It starts right in front of the heel and ends before the ball, all on the outside. Are there any Podiatrists reading this who can help diagnose it? I had been wearing crocks all Sunday evening and Monday. I feel that the lack of support and stress from the race led to this injury. I have been wearing shoes since then.

It is now Thursday and it is feeling ok, but not 100%. I am planning on running on it tomorrow morning to test it out. Hopefully all will go well. There are only 9 weeks until Promise Land 50K. I really need to run some hills to get ready for the elevation I will face.


  1. careful. You just ran an enormous amount of miles. Seriously, if you want to be healthy for the next ultra in a few months, take a few more days off or just run lightly. Be careful for plantar fasciaitis as some of your symptoms are similar. I struggled with only for a week one time but that's because I rested it and iced it like a crazy person :) I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but having been unable to run for 2 months myself and in physical therapy, I've learned the lesson of rest. Take care of that temple God gave you so you can run some more for Him. In the scheme of things, what's a few more days? OK, I'll stop now :) Happy trails!!--Dana

  2. The P Word came to mind at first. After a little research I am hoping this is not the case. My pain is not on the arch of the foot, but the opposite side. It is not Friday and it is feeling pretty good. I am not going to run on it today. I will see how it feels tomorrow.......

  3. Just to be on the safe side, consider filling up a water bottle, freeze it, and roll your foot over it throughout the day. I just got in from a run in the rain...exhilarating (wet and soggy but man it felt great to be out there)!!! PT cleared me for 30 minutes every other day :)