Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pre Holiday Lake 50K #1

I filled out my entry blank for my first Ultra attempt, the 2008 Holiday Lake 50K. I just need to finalize some plans before it goes in the mail. I am very psyched up about this race and can hardly wait for it to happen. I have boosted my weekly mileage up to 50 and have been feeling good. I slowed down my pace and am trying to keep my heart rate at 75% or lower. This is very hard, but I must keep up the base mileage routine. I am just going to train base prior to this race. Maybe this will be a huge mistake. Time will tell.

My current plan breaks down like this:

  1. Train base mileage and some hills prior to the race

  2. Maintain 50+ miles per week

  3. Stretch my long run out to 25 miles, only running it on local trails to reduce impact on my ankles

  4. Continue to strength train 3 times per week

  5. Run 6 days a week, maybe 7 if I feel up to it

  6. Continue to eat properly to help drop a few pounds prior to the race

Thats it. If I can stick to this I will be in pretty good shape. After this race is over I will focus on some more specific training for my next Ultra in June.

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