Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Longest Trail Run Report

This past Saturday I ran my long run at a First Landing State Park. I normally do not run here as it is pretty far from my house, but with a lack of trails in my area I have little to choose from. I managed 23.5 miles on the trails. The temperature at the start of my run was in the low 40's and it remained there for the entire route. It also started to rain just as I pulled into the parking lot. It rained on my the entire time I was running, but I did not mind at all. This park offers trails that are sandy and muddy with small rolling hills, nothing major to speak of. Some of the trails run along Broad Bay. I saw some very nice houses on the other side of the water. Including on with a large boat pulled out of the water and a large helicopter. I guess that is how to avoid the tunnel traffic. The run was fun, but as the day wore on and I continued to grind it out my left ankle started to bother me a little. I gutted it out and now, 2 days and lots of ice later it feels fine. This run was a huge confidence booster for my upcoming 50K ultra. I did not push the pace. I set my Garmin Forunner 305 to just show time distance and heart rate. I was trying to keep my heart rate below 144 beats per minute regardless of pace. I was fairly successful at this and enjoyed not looking at pace the entire time.

Plan: Tuesday - 10, Wednesday - 10, Thursday - 2, Friday - 3 - 5, Saturday 26+


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