Thursday, April 23, 2009

Week of Running April 13 - 19 - pre Promise Land 50K

Back on track! I ran 65 miles this week, including a tempo interval session and a interval speed session. The highlight of my training was a  great 23 mile run at First Landing State park. It was a great day to run and I put forth a worthy effort, taking a few short walk breaks not because I had to, but to ensure I slowed down and not burn my legs out one week before a race. My original plan was 80 miles this week, but sometimes commitments get in the way of training. Not hitting my mile goal was not because I was tired.

Next Saturday I will compete in the Promise Land 50k. I have run 4 different ultras (5 total) in my short career, but regard this one as a favorite, maybe only second to Masochist. Here are some reasons for running promise land:
  • Location - Everyone camps in a big field at a youth camp - with a bond fire Friday night who could ask for anything better
  • Food -  Runners pitch in for Pizza Friday Night and Race Director David Horton and his family put on a huge cookout after the finish (fruit salad, burger and hotdogs with Mountain Dew!)
  • Terrain - Nice mix of it here - a little dirt road running, a lot of grassy fire road running, some single track, and of course some river crossings
  • Elevation - Tons of climb and descent - better warn your quads they are in for a nasty day
  • Scenery - Good all around, apple orchard falls is as beautiful as the trail is steep
  • Ending - A 2 mile run down the steepest gravel road you will ever encounter (you run up this bad boy to start the race)

  • Weekly Mileage: 65
  • Month To Date: 125
  • 3 week average: 52

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