Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Montrail Hardrock 09 Preview

Hardrock 09I just picked up a pair of Montrail Hardrock 09 trail running shoes. I plan on wearing them this weekend when I complete a 40+ mile training run for MMT. A few quick look / short run observations and comparisons about the shoes:

  • Feels much lighter than the old version (I will post actual stats in the forthcoming review)

  • Appears much more breathable than the old version

  • Feels much more flexable (think running shoe, not hiking boot) than the old version

  • Size run large (I wear an 11 in the old version and a 10.5 in the new)

  • New lacing system distributes weight better

  • Less "beefy" tread pattern than the old version

  • Same width or maybe even a little wider than the old version

One other glaring difference I noticed in just a 2 mile run on grass is that my feet did not fall asleep. When wearing the old version on long stretches of flat non technical terrain (think fireroad) my feet would fall asleep. This eliminated me from wearing the shoe in most races. The other quick observation is the toe box could be higher. When wearing them with thicker socks I noticed a little rub on my right little toe. This did not happen when I was running in them, but I am anxious to see if this is an issue after many miles on the trail.

Look for my full review sometime early next week.

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