Friday, November 16, 2007


Ok, it has been quite a while since I posted here, but for certain I had good reasons to refrain. My wife and I had our first child shortly after my last post and things have been hectic ever since. I have had to let certain things go in my life, running not being one of these things. I am still running and striving for higher miles each week. Last week I ran over 34 miles, a weekly mileage record for me. This week I am set to hit 36. The dream is still alive. The colder weather has been good to my pace. I am still training injury free except for a few minor aches in my left foot/ankle. I have started to lift weights again and am trying to get the courage to blast a old time leg workout. I say courage because I am afraid of what it will do to me and my running. My legs have been feeling great lately and I know the leg training will cause them some soreness. I also am working on a lot less sleep than pre-baby, but I will survive this I am sure. Remember that pain is just weakness leaving your body.

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