Thursday, September 6, 2007

Post Race Run

Thursday morning I set out for an early morning 3 miler, my first run since the Rock and Roll Half. I had to postpone this run by a day due to a sore foot / ankle. Ice does wonders for these ailments. This was an enjoyable run with no specific time or pace to meet. My dog Bailey and I ran along just enjoying life and listening to SteveRunners Podcast.

Shortly after I started running I noticed a newbie runner. Steve was talking about "this running life" and I pondered how running has changed my life and the adventure that this new runner was undertaking. If the runner keeps it up it will take them on adventure after adventure. I was excited for that person. I was the person again 2 miles later, this time walking. Upon seeing me he started running again. This made me feel good. We must always be there for our fellow man and challenge them to accelerate to great things. I believe my presence caused him to start running again, thus becoming stronger and faster because I choose to run.

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