Sunday, January 22, 2012

Foundations of Training: Influences

My training is based on a few different sources and life experiences. I ran my first ultra, the Holiday Lake 50k, in February of 2008. I had no idea how to train. I was not a marathon runner and had only been running for a year. I had only run 3 half marathons prior to this experience. That summer I ran the Laurel Highlands Ultra. I fell apart and walked it in a few minutes under the cutoff. I had finished but I had paid a hard price. I was hurt and hobbled. The next day I was on crutches and was like a zombie roaming around. 

Sometime after that I started to work with Paul Dewitt. Paul taught me how to train and different workouts do conduct for different reasons. For the first time every workout had a reason. This was something new and shaped how I train and introduced me to hill training and the treadmill.

I have always followed the blog  I Run Far. When I heard I Run Far editor Bryon Powell was publishing a book I immediately pre-ordered it from him. Relentless Forward Progress is highly recommended, especially for the training plans that Bryon presents. 

Within the last few months I have been using a heart rate monitor. I purchased the book Heart Rate Training and was hooked. The book is an essential tool for anyone training for any distance of race. It scientifically spells out what levels of effort cause what physiological changes within your body. I am an engineer by career so precision and science are second nature to me. 

Over the next few weeks I am going to break down the specific workouts I have been running while training for my 100. I will relate how Bryons book has helped me to build up my mileage and keep speed work in check and how Heart Rate training plays a significant roll in every run I complete.

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