Monday, December 8, 2008

2009 Plans

Today I officially started my 2009 season training. I signed up for the Massanutten Mountain Trail 100 (MMT) lottery. As it stands right now I have a greater than 50% chance of getting into the race and not being placed on the waiting list. Since I have never attempted this race before and never put my name into the lottery there is little chance I would move off the waiting list if I am not picked outright. The backup plan is to go and run Laurel Highlands Ultra again.

If I get into MMT I am going to try and put together a Laurel Highlands relay team and run it that way. Anyone interested?

I will likely run Holiday Lake and Promise Land in preparation for my bigger race. This will give me a benchmark on my condition as I can compare times on these courses.

Tomorrow at 4 PM I will know if I get into MMT. Wish me luck!

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