Friday, May 23, 2008

Promise Land 2008 Fact Sheet

  • Distance: 32 - 34ish Miles or 31 Horton Miles

  • Time: 8:39:15

  • Temp: 65 at start, 80 at finish

  • Humidity: Normal

  • Weight: 184 lbs

  • BF%: ?

  • BMI: ?

  • Pre-Race Nutrition:

    • Morning of - Bottle of Gatoraid - and life cereal with milk good choice!

    • 1 Day out - eggs toast, pot of mac and cheese, Wendys, Lots of Papa Johns at prerace dinner, Gatoraid

    • 4 days up to race → lots of mac and cheese and carbs, I love eating prerace!

  • Race Nutrition:

    • 8 Nuun tabs with water or conquest

    • 2 gels


    • 12 chips ahoy

    • Turkey sand

    • PBJ

    • Banana

    • Lots of gator aid, conquest, clif shot and who know what other drinks


  • this race was a blast, tons of run

  • weather was perfect

  • Water running causes blisters, avoid water when possible from now on, do not be a man and do not run through when there is an easy way around it.

  • ** I had big blisters on both balls of my feet from getting them wet. It was hard to run downhill on them and I took 6 I at 20 and 27 miles into the race to help deal with the pain

  • It will always get better → it did get better during the climbing of the falls, best part of the race

  • I did not listen to my ipod much, maybe I do not need it? → leave this in the car for ultras, no need for it, All it did was cause me to climb down a steep cliff to pick it up after it fell off my belt and I kicked it over the edge. Headphones got in the way all day.

  • The volunteers were great

  • I hit the albuterol prerace and had no issue the rest of the race, do I need this when it is warm outside?????

  • Experiment with taping balls of feet prerace to help ward off blisters

  • Look into a different sock for running when my feet will get wet

Race Equipment

  • Belt with 2 pouches

    • Inhaler

    • Light, needed it at the beginning of the race, next time drop this in the box

    • TP and Wipes, use wipes from now on, these work great on the trail

    • Gels and Shots

    • Nuun Tube

    • Ipod

    • MoleSkin

    • Butt Cream - do not need this for 50K, put in drop bag if longer distance


Trained hard following healing after HL, See wiki and see training log.

I did not lift weights and need to do this to get better. I did get a ton of long runs in at First Landing and a 33+ mile back to back in on LH a couple of weeks out, This really helped I think.

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